ATTENTION: We would like to inform you that Telematics Technologies sp. z o.o. is terminating support for the Seeya service and the application on 30.06.2022.Read more

Seeya GPS locator from Telematics Technologies with a premium offer

Seeya GPS locator from Telematics Technologies with a premium offer


The Seeya application for locating the loved ones, present on the Polish market for several months, has just been enriched with a premium version.

Seeya is an application for Android phones, operating as a GPS locator. It is a solution for all those who would like to know where their loved ones are – kids, friends, parents, as well as for those who are annoyed by constant calls with questions “where are you?”.

In the free version, the application allows you to observe the location of one person and share your location with three people. The premium version, which is available after purchasing a subscription, extends the application’s capabilities. It allows you to watch up to five people at once, refresh your location on demand without restrictions, and share your location without any limits. The paid version also increases the frequency of automatically refreshing the GPS position of the localized person to 5 seconds. In the free version, information is updated less frequently – every minute. In addition, Seeya allows you to navigate to the position of the observed person in an external navigation application. The paid version is also free of advertising.

It’s cheaper now

With the start of sales in Google Play Seeya Premium is available at a promotional price of PLN 14.99. Regular price is PLN 16.99 per month. All customers who decide to purchase at a promotional price will pay a reduced amount for the service also after the promotion.

The extended version of the application was created primarily for people who want to keep watch over the safety of their loved ones – regardless of whether they are their children, partners or elder parents. The application is great for families, because it allows comfortable observation of the location of several people at once. For those who want to use the application sporadically, the free version is enough – explains Adam Bąkowski, President of the board of Telematics Technologies, a producer of Seeya application.

Poland is not the only market on which the application is available. It can also be used by residents of Ukraine and Russia, and soon the application will also be available in other countries.

How does the app work?

Just one click to share your location with selected people via SMS, e-mail or applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts etc. You do not even need to have the application installed to observe the shared position – a link with the location of the other person on the map can be displayed on the website from the browser level.

Seeya also allows the person sending his/her location to indicate the time during which the application will share his/her position (e.g. only for an hour). Location sharing can be turned off at any time.