ATTENTION: We would like to inform you that Telematics Technologies sp. z o.o. is terminating support for the Seeya service and the application on 30.06.2022.Read more

Phone as a GPS locator? It is possible!

Phone as a GPS locator? It is possible!


GPS monitoring has been used in car fleets for years. As a provider of such a solution – we know something about it. Recently, however, the possibility to locate people is also gaining popularity. All you need is the right application to change the phone into a fully functional GPS transmitter. This is how our latest application – Seeya – works.

Seeya is an application that can be downloaded for free on the phone from the Google Play store. By using the phone’s GPS transmitter, the application processes data about the GPS location of the person who decides to share his/her location with us. The application is always perfect when we want to share our location ourselves, as well as when we want to find out where our loved ones are – friends, partner, children or parents.

If you want to share your location with others, just one click. Seeya allows you to share information about the GPS position via SMS or e-mail, as well as popular messengers such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts. The person with whom we want to share location does not even need to have the application installed, all they need is internet access – the GPS position of the observed person will then be displayed in the web browser.

Seeya is perfect for all those who are tired of “where are you” and when for some reason they do not want or cannot talk on the phone and explain the complexities of their location. Seeya can be used as a family locator, a locator of seniors, or a GPS locator for a child, and in autumn – even as a GPS for mushroom pickers.

An alternative to the application are location gadgets that use built-in GPS transmitters in dedicated devices such as key rings, bracelets or a watch with GPS. Most often, however, they are quite expensive. Before you decide to buy them, it is worth using a free alternative.